Music : passion,energy,peace…GOD

This is the post excerpt.

  • Ever imagined what was the first thing ever existed on earth,in universe???answer may vary according to mythologies,science and beliefs. but when there is nothing still one thing is there..it is sound which is everywhere even in silence of the universe. according to indian mythology when there was nothing the only sound was there as the Aum. and from only that word whole universe came with a big bang. even bible says that before existence of anyone there was a sound. that much intro of our hero of the article must be enough to realise its omnipresence and great powers. it is the one who exists in every souls in every living things. the first thing a child does is to cry to start breathing which is a music of life.


        the almighty sound when arranged in a rhythm produces music. the most powerful and hypnotic thing ever existed on earth. it is present in everywhere from beats of drum to the beats of heart, from tweeting birds to roar of lion, from river to fire, from wind to whistle, from screaming to crying music is everywhere. life without music is like breathing without air,tree without leaves. it is believed that in ancient india the music devotees were so powerful that they can control weather. there is raga for control of every natural things such as raga deepak for fire and raga malhaar for the rain are very famous ones. when these ragas are performed by musicians it can bring rain or even can destroy everything with fire. it is full of energy. it is peace. it is the nirvana.

        the science of music is very fascinating. it affects every part of our cognitive activity. Music is the link to all spiritual, physical and emotional elements of the universe. classical music relaxes the heart rate and pulse with its very own rhythm. Moderate music can increase your creativity by forcing you to think out of box by stopping your normal processes. loud music resonates with your brain waves to increase serotonin and dopamine which fills you full of energy. everyone knows einestein was a dumb student in his school years. But he died as the smartest man on the earth. Teachers gave up on him and advised his parents that it would be a waste of resources to educate einestein And suggested his parents to find an easy labor job for einestein. but his parents bought him a violin And young einestein became good at violin very soon And it helped a lot to einestein throughout his life to become one of the smartest person. moreover music helps person to remember easily thats why Ancient greeks sang their dramas. no need to tell why most of ancient indian literature like ramayana and mahabharat is in poetry form. and no wonder why we remembers songs so quickly. Music is also helpful in memory retention. King george I of england suffered from memory loss and stress. once he read in bible that Saul experienced the same problem and got healed by music. keeping this in mind king ordered to produce same music and got healed by water music produced by Fredrick handel. dan Cohen who is a Founder of nonprofit organization “Music and memory” treats the patients of dementia and memory loss in his organization. Many indian yogis and maharshis had contributed a lot by their healing and meditation centres that uses music for therapy.

        besides all this music is the ultimate joy and never ending journey towards self.

        “without music,life would be a mistake.”                                                        -friedrich Nietzsche

          words: gift or curse?

          we humans are no different from animals. just one difference is language and intelligence. probably that’s why we care about peoples and society because we afraid with “what people will say”? we care about people too much because we want to influence them. we want to become superior than them. we are afraid to see that peoples does not have good ideas about us. their thinking about us disturb us. why? have you seen animals doing so? animals never afraid to make attempts because they have no one to tell them that they are failure. they never commit suicide just because they failed at something. in that sense we can say language is a curse to humankind.

          words are one of the most powerful thing ever developed by mankind. right now we have thousonds of languages and people speak those languages. earlier when there was no languages people used to communicate with gestures but as the language develops man became more communicative, they started to know about other human beings and in order started to judge them. language was a mean to convey message but it became the tool to establish superiority over others. peoples started using it to make their ideas to be followed by others and then the race to become superior begins. to prove ownself as a superior, one have to prove others wrong and in attempt to do so they started finding faults of each other. this created differences among peoples. this created everything right now we see in hierarchial order. that is a power of words.

          humans cannot see others having different views than own views and if they are superior to others they demolish those who does not have same ideas and same thinking like them. this power was given by words, the language. if language or words was not there, there will be no followers of their beliefs and ideas. and there will not be any superiority for them over others.

          words are necessary because they are powerful. they needs to be used wisely. they needs to be used for betterment of mankind. some kind words can unleash the love in someone and some enthusiastic words sparkles energy to someone. that’s how we can use the most powerful thing we have. but people use it to gain superiority over others by destructing their beliefs. nothing in the world is both the most devine and most brutal as words. words is a god’s gift so use them wisely.

          journey to life

          i have heard people saying to enjoy the life. yes it’s true everyone should enjoy the life, but did you ever think what are actual way of enjoying the life? your enjoyment might be suffering to others? do you want to enjoy on others suffering? did you ever thought how many people are getting affected just because of your enjoyment? if your enjoyment is a product of tears of someone it is not enjoyment. enjoying the life is all about accepting and feeling every colors of life no matter it is dark or light, good or bad. once you accept the every part of life you becomes a living thing in a true sense.

          some people also told that we should keep ourself stable in every kind of situation whether it’s good or bad, joy or sorrow. anything that comes your way should not affect you. to find your innerself you have to free from everything surrounds you and take the journey towards your inner self. i totally accept this if someone wants to spend his whole life as a sadhu or a monk. journey towards spirituality and towards inner self is for those who no more wants to be the part of society. but if everyone does this, civilization will collapse in few years. how can i enjoy life without being part of it. if i do not involve in everything around me i can’t enjoy it. on other hand if i involve myself around i will get attached to them. their problems will be mine and their happiness will keep me happy. life is not just about myself, it is everything i possess in this world. simply if i have nothing to relate with the world i have no life. what you call as life involves joy, happiness, anger, sorrow, disappointment, depression, hope, hatred, love and much more emotions. to live life you have to be involved in it but at the same time you should keep in mind that you cannot change everything around you but you can try, that’s what life wants from you, to spread your kindness to everyone. you will succeed and failed too but that is what life is all about.

          whatever i am saying that might be opposite to my own behaviour as i am introvert kind of person but introverts are attached with their own sentiments with outer world which generally they dont like to share except you are a special one. they are full of life but people generally misunderstood them as aloof and isolated, but it’s not like that. they have their passions for which they are crazy, actually mad. they are isolated because they cannot find persons with similar traits easily. 

          so don’t be a person who is emotionless or who is not interested in his or anyone’s life. all the acquired knowledge is waste if you can’t get your purpose of living. everyone is here to find the purpose of life but very few got the answers. if you can find the thing you can do happily till your last breath than probably you’ve got your purpose of being on this place. life won’t give you the meaning of your existence rather than you can give life the reason of your existence on earth and believe me if you can do that you are the most successful person on the earth. and if you can’t find purpose you can find happiness and for that you dont have to go anywhere just look around yourself. i know the people around you may try to hurt you but they are humans and they won’t be perfect. no matter how much pain they give you forgive them because you too are a human. nothing in this world is perfect, even god. we are human afterall. 

          someone said that love is life but its not just love of two persons, its about the love which resides in every souls as a sign of a human so use your love to make your life and others life too…


          we think too much and we feel little. more than machinary we need humanity. more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.

                              -charlie chaplin

          what is a sign of being human? to have a greater intelligence? to have a higher emotional quatient? but something we call as humanity is present more in animals than humans. but, the question is what is humanity? haha so many questions…anyway our simple idea about humanity is to being kind sensible and empathatic towards others. but that’s not the traits possesed by only humans, rather than these things are better expressed and seen in animals. animals have more humanity than humans. hmm…quite confusing. i think the term humanity must be changed with animality.

          humans are even worst than animals in expressing humanity, because they are intelligent. as much as i know when you think logical, emotions starts to fade out and there you start to lose your human nature. a human without emotion is a machine not human. so don’t be always logical and practical and keep your identity as human alive.

          it’s not our fault that we are losing our sensibility towards other beings because everyone told us that world is a very brutal place, if we spread kindness and love to others they will make use of ourself. yes it is true but we can’t stop being good just because others are bad. and don’t change yourself because you are different from them. you may become alone and weak, you may be less powerful  because they might be large in number but the only thing you should remember is keep believing in yourself and stand confidently for your point. they can prove you wrong but they cannot change you. one have to accept the fact that others might have different ideas and views of life and it formed through many years of experience so don’t try to implant your thoughts, your perceptions of life to others who are living a completely different life. if you have enough toleration to accept others in their original character you are a good human and humanity resides in your soul. you may be surrounded with people who have their own philosophy and they are never wrong in their own perception because you can justify anything in this world. you can be evil just because others are same. everyone will create ideals according to their own traits. a farmer will think he is doing the best job by feeding others, a doctor will think his job is best as he is saving the life of others, soldier will think there is nothing as good as protecting your motherland. everyone is true in their own mindset but the problem is they want to prove that they are right. if you are accepting that others can also be right than you don’t have to prove yourself. be human and be open to feel and understand others.